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Fraud Law Firm


Have you ever heard of a fraud law firm?

Probably not, unless you watch the news all the time.

Chances are that you probably never even though that it was possible for there to be a fraud law firm. Well, the truth is that there can be. For instance, take what happened in Florida.

Michael Nelson, who claimed to be a lawyer, was targeting families of federal prisoners in order to minimize their jail time.

He was charging thousands of dollars for his services. The only problem was that he was not a lawyer.

In fact, at this Central Florida law firm, there were absolutely no lawyers that ran the place.

Even worse, most of their staff was made up by criminals like Michael Nelson, who was sentenced for conspiring to commit bank fraud.

Many of the other people who were listed as working for the fraud law firm were convicted of dealing drugs.

The most corrupted part about this Florida fraud law firm is the fact that it has earned hundreds of thousands of dollars from drug dealers who have been convicted and want to reduce their sentence time.

So how do you prevent yourself from using a law firm that is fraudulent? Well, for starters, you should be sure to look into any law firm before you decide to use it.

Choosing a law firm that is more reputable is probably your best option, since chances are that if a reputable law firm were a fraud law firm, it would have already been discovered.


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