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Fraud Katrina SBA


WThe Small Business Administration (SBA) was placed in charge of the aiding of the victims of the Katrina Hurricane.

They were also placed in charge of aiding the victims of the Rita Hurricane. They are there to help these victims on a long-term basic in the rebuilding of their homes.

However, the federal office is now looking into this administration concerning Katrina fraud SBA allegations.

The Small Business Administration has stated in the past that it will not tolerate fraud from any persons. Even recently the courts have prosecuted persons for defrauding victims of the Katrina Hurricane.

Fraud Katrina SBA has been accused of not dispersing aid to the victims in a timely manner. Therefore, it is said that in its effort to do so, they were processing application of persons without checking for the relevant information.

They are talking about information such as proof that the victim was truly the owner of the house that they are claiming the aid on.

However, if this is true, Fraud Katrina SBA has placed many persons at risk. It has placed the agency as well as other tax players, just to name a few, at a disadvantage.

SBA is also accused of trying to motivate their employees into getting more loans approved for the victims, by offering them (employees) more money as an incentive. The main aim behind this was to get the administration "looking" as though they were aiding a lot of the victims.

Some in authority at SBA would not comment on the allegations of Katrina fraud at SBA.


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