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Have you ever written a fraud essay?

Chances are that you may have, considering this is becoming an increasing problem in schools- both middle schools, high schools, and colleges.

Plagiarism is so common, in fact, that Duke University's application for admission asks whether or not you have written a fraud essay or if the essay is your own words and thoughts.

Whether you write a fraud essay on your own, or if you decide to buy one through a fraud essay company who specializes in giving you the absolute best essays, chances are that you will end up getting an essay that is plagiarized either way.

That is right, many companies that write essays that they claim will get you an A are often fraud essays that will leave you facing the consequences that your school gives for fraud essays.

What are the most commonly policies for fraudulent essays? Well, depending on how many times you have submitted one, there is usually two options.

If it is your first time handing in a fraud essay, chances are that you will just get a failing grade for the paper.

If you have handed in a fake essay more than once, you may be given a failing grade for the class or even withdrawn from the school.

So, if you choose to pay hundreds of dollars for an essay written by an essay writing company, you should keep in mind that you may end up facing consequences.

It is probably a much better idea to just write the essay yourself, to ensure that you are not wasting your money for a fraud essay.


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