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Film School Scam


There are plenty of people who have the dream of becoming a professional in the film industry. These people are tracking their career path towards the success of film industries.

However, because of these reasons, there are plenty of film schools gathered around in different part of the world where anyone can get enrolled for any careers related to film industries.

Before enrolling yourself to a film school, make sure that the film school is a registered entity within the place, a film school that is legally operating as a learning station for film makings.

Be careful enough for film schools or institutions that call themselves "professional" as film school scam is very prevalent in every country.

A film school scam may concern swindling activities on film makings. There are plenty of independent film makers who gathered around a particular film school and offer aspiring film makers some deals about promoting self-made films and artworks.

However, these independent film makers would often tell the aspiring film makers that the video company who is about to pay the promotion of your self-made films and artworks was not able to pay.

This thing is called "back end deals". But the real truth about the deal is that the video company did pay your self-made films and artworks and promotions were pushed as well. So, from here you can see that the independent film makers had stolen your original self-made films and artworks and have been credited to them as the official film makers.

As an aspiring film maker, beware of those independent film makers who take advantage on your being gullible and of your aspirations of earning more on your masterpieces. These things are parts of the emerging film school scam nowadays.

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