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Of course famous lies are only complimented with the famous liars. Do you know any of these famous liars who created their own history just by telling lies? Well, no matter what, these famous liars will always be remembered and accused on the famous lies they have told.

James Frey is one of the famous liars of the history. He had written his own autobiography entitled "A Million Little Pieces", which then became a best seller with the help of Oprah Winfrey. Oprah Winfrey, a famous TV talk show host had personally chosen the book to be part of her own book club. But in the long run that most parts of the book were fabricated by James Frey.

Another famous liar in the history is Stephen Glass. He was a reporter for The New Republic way back late 1990s. His famous lies are the facts that he made up for his stories. He even created fake sources and websites. A tagline from the movie "Shattered Glass" shown in 2003 and starred Hayden Christensen was made intended for Stephen Glass. It says that "He would do anything just to get a great story."

When it comes to famous lies , Jayson Blair of New York Times had become popular. He was confirmed to be making up and plagiarizing up his stories. Because of the event, Blair resigned from New York Times and published a book in 2004 entitled "Burning down my Master's House: My Life at the New York Times". In the book, Blair narrated his past battles with drug problems and bipolar disorder.

The list of famous liars would not be complete without Janet Cooke. She was journalist from the Washington Post and even won a Pulitzer Prize for her story about a heroin addict entitled "Jimmy's World". She was accused of telling lies because the story was created from thin air. Because of this, she resigned and returned the prize she won. Similar to Blair and Glass, she fabricated stories about her previous experiences, credentials and schooling just to get the job at Washington post.

Other famous liars in the history who become known because of their famous lies are Richard Nixon, Bill Clinton, Jack Kelly and Baron Munchhausen.

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