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While surfing the net, you often come across sites which are loaded with a number of tempting offers and discounts, compelling you to sign up and fill up (leak) your credit/debit card details.

They provide no or very little information about them and there is no way by which we can determine its legitimacy or accuracy.

These false information filled sites attract us more than the genuine ones for obvious reasons that they project and offer exactly what we would like to have.

This false information is not only of the correct physical address or other contact details, but it can be about the products which do not even exist or it can be a hypothetical story or figures and data of some company.

People write and publish false stories on the net in forms of biographies, under false name.

These bogus companies/sites will extract your personal details and then you will be bombarded with loads of mails saying either you have won a jackpot or some other expensive prize and will ask to deposit some money in order to claim that prize, which you will never get.

One can also receive emails having names of some reputed banks or so, telling you to reactivate your account by filling in some information of your bank details, because for some reasons the account has been frozen. If by mistake, one has replied to such emails having false information, he/she may suffer from great losses in terms of money.

One of the most common false information is given by the fake lottery scheme sites. These sites send emails to people giving false information of their having won the bumper prize of a few million dollars.

But, one should never provide any bank details to such emails and should just avoid replying to the same.


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