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Emillionaire Scam


The prospect of making money online is too enticing for many people. Normally such arrangements do not require any expertise or huge start up capital. One of the most popular methods is internet marketing.

This has created a big loophole for scammers to exploit people who would like to set up online marketing companies.

The Emillionaire scam has hit many complaint boards as one of the most successful fraud scheme. The Emillionaire scam is quite enticing. The company promises to provide you with information on how to set up an online marketing company if you pay a small fee of $1.97.

The information is never provided unless you take drastic measures such as filing a fraud charge against them. You may argue that $1.97 is a very small amount to loose, however the company goes ahead and charges other amounts, which vary, from one person to another. There are people's accounts, which were charged $39.95 while others were charged $ 94.38, and still they did not receive the information.

For those who took legal action and received the information, it only contained a webinar CD that is meant to make you sign up for more of their services. The terms of agreement also contains a clause in small print, which explains that your account will be charged $197 every month if you retain your membership.

The Emillionaire scam is very complicated since once you sign up you will also be signed up to Midphase web hosting. The final part of the scam is cancellation of membership. It is very hard to get their customer support department to handle the cancellation. They also continue charging your account even after you have completed the cancellation so you only option is to cancel your credit card. If you are planning to join an online marketing program its good to avoid Emillionaire because it is a real scam.

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