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Email IRS Scam


An email scam began circulating in 2005 about the IRS (Internal Revenue Service) claiming that they were giving out tax refunds.

This email irs scam was sent to millions of people and it directed them to a link that asked for various personal information such as social security number and a credit card number.

This was in fact just to get important information out of unsuspecting people.

The email irs scam was used by thieves to gain access to bank accounts, apply for loans that they would never pay back and for various other criminal activity.

The email address was from tax-refunds@irs.gov and claimed that each person wanting the refund had to fill out a special form that was at the link provided.

The IRS says that they never ask for anyone to fill out a form to get a tax refund and they never ask for personal information via email. This email irs scam did manage to trick many people until the IRS got wind of the information and stopped it.

There have been many other similar scams over the years that involve the IRS. Most of the criminals assume that people will comply with anything that comes from a reputable and authoritative organization, which they usually do.

This makes them even more vulnerable to getting defrauded out of their savings.

Even if you get any email from a reputable agency or organization, be careful and never, ever give out your personal information or any private numbers like your credit card details or social security number.

You never know what nasty people will be waiting.



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