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Election Fraud


Election Fraud or known to some is one way of interfering with election process. This kind of fraud may involve acts that may affect the vote counts whereas desired results will be brought out.

The fraud would increase the vote shares or counts of the favored candidate that they would to be winning.

This is done by deducting some vote shares or counts with the rivalry candidates and putting it on the favored candidates.

Election Fraud usually happens everywhere and had been an old style of any countries where the form of choosing a leader is through election or electoral process.

The first ever Election Fraud that happened was way back 471 BC at the Athenian democracy. This event was proved by some archaeologists who found 190 pieces of broken potteries that were used as ballots containing different handwritings.

In dictatorship countries, the Election Fraud is illegal as dictators have the control of the electoral process and can even execute some measures just to arrive at their desired results of the elections.

For most national elections, once an Election Fraud becomes successful there would be definitely effects of corruption of the democracy or coup d'etat.

One best example of Election Fraud is the sham election that usually happens during dictatorial regimes. This happen because the dictatorship needs to establish elements of some public legitimacies.

The Election Fraud may happen in any kinds of elections and not only to limited political polls.

As long as there are potential places or evens where Election Fraud may happen it would definitely occur such as music, films or television programming, awarding of merit to books, sports judging, student councils and labor union officials.

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