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Door To Door Scams- how do they happen?


Many legitimate salesmen go door to door promoting their products or services. Some of these services include telephone services, utility services and home maintenance services such gardening.

This has opened up a way for scammers to defraud people off their money. Normally door-to-door sales people visit homes uninvited. In some cases you might have booked an appointment with them from letters or emails sent by their organization.

With door-to-door scams the sales people promote goods, which are never delivered or poor quality if they are actually delivered. Scammers can also charge you for services that you never received. To make the client believe the deal is genuine the scammer offers a money back guarantee.

This guarantee does not work incase the client wants to return the product. Sometimes the door-to-door sales clerk may be surveying your home in preparation for a break in.

To avoid falling prey to door-to-door scams its there are certain warning signs you should be on the lookout for. These include the salesman arriving late at night or after you have refused his product or service.

Failure to give any personal identification, written quotes, and receipt and contract information is also a reason for worry. Another sign of a scam is whereby the salesman demands a huge deposit or full payment in cash or credit card. Such people avoid checks because you can cancel the check if things go wrong.

If you have been approached by a door-to-door sales person, there are certain things you can do to avoid being conned. First you need to be in control during the transaction. This means you should ask for identification documents from the sales person and ask him or her to leave whenever you feel like.

You should also get advice from an independent source regarding the transaction. Its also good to use a service that allows you to order and receive the goods before you make any payment. Finally read all the terms and conditions of the offer. Most door-to-door scams involve free or cheap offers with certain hidden costs.

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