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Domain Renewal Scam

When you get a domain name and website you will have to renew it at the end of the year, or whenever your period ends.

You must however be very wary of emails that claim to be from your host that is in fact a domain renewal scam.

This company called domainrenewal.com will tell you that they are a company keeping tabs on all the people with registered domain at different hosts.

They will explain that you are on their system and that your domain is up for renewal.

The domain renewal scam will give you 90 days to click on the renewal link to keep your domain active and your name registered.

This is not true at all. The link that they send you to from the email is not secure and they will ask for your credit card details to pay them $60 or something to that effect to renew your domain.

Most hosts only charge about $8 per year for renewal, so do not fall for this trick.

The domain renewal scam is only there as a ploy to get you to give out your credit card details. The criminals will then take your money and run.

They will also probably use your credit card for various other purchases without you even being aware of it.

They could be making unnoticeable purchases at first, so that you are none-the-wiser, or they could just take everything out of your account in one fell swoop. Be very careful and do not trust any emails from unknown addresses or fall into something that you have never heard of before.

If there was some magical company that took care of your domain renewal, your host would tell you about it themselves.

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