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Kozlowski attached with Tyco Int. in 1975, and become CEO in 1992. Tyco constantly beat Wall Street's prospects by means of a chain of tactical mergers and attainments.

D. Kozlowski gone from Tyco in 2002, amongst a controversy in respect to his reimbursement package. D. Kozlowski has been trialed twice. As first attempt was actually a mistrial because one of the judges sided with Kozlowski as she was threatened by a member of the parliament.

During his second trial Kozlowski testified that his pay package at Tyco was perplexing and embarrassingly immense but he never committed any crime.

On June 17 , 2005, D. Kozlowski was convicted for embezzlement of Tyco's corporate finances. In fact, D. Kozlowski was convicted for a scam against the company shareholders for a total sum of nearly $500 million.

In this Kozlowski scandal, D. Kozlowski was sentenced by an honest Judge M. Obus of the Manhattan Supreme Court, on September 19 , 2005. The total prison was of about 8 years and 4 months to 25 years for his role in this embarrassing Kozlowski scandal. After that, D. Kozlowski told Morley Safer commenting on his trial, in an interview with the CBS television newsmagazine 60 Minutes , on a March 2007 that he was absolutely not guilty of those all charges.

According to him, he had no criminal intent there and nothing was concealed. He further added that there were no tattered documents and all of the data taken by the prosecutors was openly off the books and records of the Tyco Int.

The appellate division of the New York State Supreme Court, on November 15 , 2007, refused Kozlowski's appeal in an undisputed judgment. According to Forbes , in Boca Raton, Florida, D. Kozlowski also bought numerous acres (property / land) in a private gated society, "The Sanctuary", when he was CEO at Tyco International.

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