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Crime Justice and Law


Crime justice and law are all related to each other. There are many different forms of crime, from jaywalking to genocide.

Each crime that is committed has a consequence whether the culprit is apprehended or not. In each of these different crimes that are committed, there is a level of seriousness at work on different levels and a different type of Crime justice and law.

With more serious crimes, (such as assault, murder, multiple DWIs, etc.) the seriousness of the crime dictates the consequences that happen because of them.

The Crime justice and law as enforced and mitigated by courts, whether US or international, has been carefully developed over the course of history to deal with the crimes that individuals and groups of individuals commit.

Since the law is so complexit applies to so many different types of activities that can and do occur courts have to be established and officers appointed to deal with the different aspects of crime.

Prisons have been built and are maintained to house the most serious offenders.

Justice is an ideal that is sought after by law abiding citizens to serve the needs of the people who've been victimized by crime in one form or another.

The pursuit of justice is an affair that takes up much of human experience, and just as there are many different types of crime, there are just as many forms of justice.

The American justice system is one that is ruled by the Constitution of the United States , it is rooted in democracy and the traditions of this country.

Justice is a long hard process, but one that will be ultimately beneficial to all.

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