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Clixsense Scam


The internet has provided people with different ways of earning by performing simple tasks online.

One of these tasks includes viewing advertisement websites. One of the sites providing such a service is clicsense.com. Clixsense pays $0.1 to $5.00 for spending up to 30 seconds in the sponsor's website.

This may appear as a get rich quick scheme but you have to spend some time online to earn a respectable income. Apart from viewing the advertisement websites, you can recruit more people for which you earn a percentage of their membership upgrade fee. According to Clixsense.com, they are a legitimate company that pays once every month.

They charge $3 to deliver the check by mail for those who have the minimum payout threshold of $10. Just like any other service offering payments for reading emails, Clixsense has gained lot popularity.

However, it has also faced a lot of criticism that it is a form of scam. In real sense you will be spending a lot of your valuable time that you would have used productively making a meager income.

Whether Clixsense is a scam or not is still debatable. For instance if you search the web for Clixsense scam you will get a lot of conflicting information, with some proposing it's a real business opportunity while others classifying it as a scam.

Responding to the Clixsense scam issue most users have written reviews claiming they have received funds. However, one recurring issue is the small income received from Clixsense especially for free members. Another issue is the promised $5 earning promised for viewing single advertisements.

Such advertisements are very rare therefore when joining Clixsense its good to be prepared to receive $0.1 advertisements most of the time. If you are looking for a simple way to supplement your income, Clixsense provides you with an option especially if you choose their premium membership.

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