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Chris Campbell Scam


Have you heard about the The Chris Campbell Scam and Road Map to Riches or more known to some as R2R? Well, if you have heard of it, did it ever come to your mind if it's really for real or just a scam?

Learn more about the concept of Chris Campbell and Road Map to Riches and why some people had considered it to be scam.

The Chris Campbell and Road Map to Riches has a program of reverse funnel system. Some people have proven that the operators of the Chris Campbell and Road Map to Riches are known to be Matthew Sunderland and Chris Campbell.

Because of some legitimate proofs, people have labeled it as the Chris Campbell scam . However, there are still few people who do not believe that the names of the scam operators are real.

The content of the Chris Campbell scam is usually more on the actual experience of the person named Chris Campbell where he joined some new programs and then market them but in the end he only gets bad wraps with some particular programs.

Because of the reason that he gets wrap up, he decided to join other programs instead until he found out about the reverse funnel system of the Road Map to Riches and the EDC Gold. As he joined the system of Road Map to Riches and EDC Gold, he is making progress in bringing more and more people under his networks and even networks of his networks.

The Chris Campbell scam is considered to be a networking scam. It usually comes with a header of "Big Money Millionaire" on its site. The site also introduced the fundamentals of sales and marketing that will really sizzle the eyes of the readers since it also display large dollar amount of results.

The Chris Campbell scam usually advised their victims to call him for further explanations on how to join the particular system or program. A man will talk to the victim who called confirming that he is Chris Campbell.

Thereinafter, the man who claims to be Chris Campbell will assist the victim as well throughout the process of patronizing the system or program. In some cases, the method of communication would be via email, though response would be a little late, still the operators of the said scam would continue keeping in touch with their victims.

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