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Chiropractic Fraud News


There had been several Chiropractic Fraud News hitting the medical industry today as victims from different parts of the world are coming out to share their experiences.

Fighting the Chiropractic Fraud would be quite difficult and can be very tremendous.

The Chiropractic Fraud is a big problem being faced by health care patients from their health care systems. This fraud mostly covered the area of dermatology.

It also covers dentistry area where the fraud exists between the oral surgeons and the periodontists. Another area that this fraud cover is the billing for miscellaneous in the hospital as well as other ridiculous fees for some sort of machines or appliances.

For just a pacemaker, the bill would even reach at $1,300. Many various federal and state law enforcement agencies do involved them on the investigation of the Chiropractic Fraud news.

These agencies are usually unknown to the public so health care patients or victims of the fraud will be protected. One of the suggested effective tools for Chiropractic Fraud is under cover operations and wire tapping.

There are two main areas of Chiropractic Fraud news. First is the Insurance Fraud and secondly is the Unlicensed Practice of Medicine.

The first area of Chiropractic Fraud, which is the Insurance Fraud, covers activities on automobile accident-related, personal injuries and Medicare whereas the majority cases of Chiropractic Fraud mostly happen from car accidents.

The second area of Chiropractic Fraud, which is the Unlicensed Practice of Medicine, involves practicing of medicine expertise outside the scoped area of practice. These unlicensed practices may include abortions, liposuctions and the like.

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