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Chi Flat Iron Scam

Have you heard about the chi flat iron scam ?

Many negative reviews have appeared about the chi flat iron. Some say that upon purchasing chi flat iron from famous sites of Ebay and Amazon, the item had just broken down in just a matter of months.

The most irritating part of this is that when a customer contacted the CHI manufacturer, the representative would say that the warranty of the chi flat iron is already void because of the reason that the product was not purchased from the professional salon.

Because of this, many write-ups appeared about the chi flat iron scam. However, according to the CHI manufacturer, they should not be the one who should carry the burden of the write-ups but the Farouk, a non-professional salon seller that sells the chi flat iron to consumers.

It was claimed that scam should be for the Farouk and not for the CHI manufacturer.

There's this scenario from another consumer of chi flat iron that when she and her family had purchased the chi flat iron from a professional salon, aside from breakage, they need to pay the amount of $35 excluding shipping fee to be able to get one repaired or replaced.

This kind of warranty is really worthless for every consumer. With this kind of scenario, the chi flat iron scam can be very much true!

So for those, planning to buy a chi flat iron, take time to read about the announced recalls of the US Consumer Product Safety Commission! These recalls discussed about the fire and burn hazards that a chi flat iron can bring.

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