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Cheap Flights Scam


When you are going on a vacation, most people will look for the cheapest flights that they can find. Flights are so expensive nowadays, that any discount we can get is something to be jumped at.

Well, you should be very careful because there is a new scam called the cheap flights scam that has had many people tricked out of their hard earned holiday cash.

A well known South African travel agent Flight Centre was the company that this fraudster pretended that he worked for.

He simply copied the Flight Center name, logo, registration number and put in his own address details so that anyone calling to book a ticket would give him their personal details like bank account number for the money to be debited, credit card number, ID number and various other personal details.

This type of scam is very dangerous and the cheap flights scam is something that anyone can fall for, especially since it was advertised in the countries leading newspapers.

The cheap flights scam is just one of the many scams that are presented to vulnerable people every day.

If there is one thing that can be learned from this, it is to never give anyone your personal details over the phone or over the internet if it is from an unknown email address.

It is understandable that anyone calling from a reputable agency seems like they are genuine or if you see an advertisement in a newspaper it looks legitimate, but be very skeptical about giving away personal information.

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