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Cashcrate Scam


There is a growing concern as to whether Cashcrate is a real money making scheme or another brand new scam with its own unique dimension. While there has also been series of complaints about this online thing, there is at the same time positive testimonies by those who have actually made their way to rake in some cash through the system. This article is written to give explanations on the authenticity or otherwise of this program vis-à-vis what is being said positively or negatively about it.

As it is, Cashcrate is one of those work-from-home programs that provide members with a chance to make money through various promos and surveys by listed companies. Members get rewarded a small fee for performing these activities. It is similar to other programs like Inbox Dollars. But what really led to the quibble ‘Cashcrate Scam'?

From some of the reviews that I have read, someone complained that he signed up for Cashcrate and the Terms were that you be 13 or older to be a member. But getting to the surveys, all surveys on the list required that the taker be 18 or older. In essence, why the surveys say "18 or older" while Cashcrate allows an underage to sign up truly begs for question. But however tricky or sketchy this may sound, the point is ‘do people truly make money from this program?'

For the purpose of telling people why Cashcrate scam is simply a figment of some people's imagination, I went further to find out how the whole thing works by visiting the site and registering as a member. After that, I went for two or three offers, and from there I was able to make up to $14.00 in a matter of few minutes. However, the standard is that checks are only sent once the member's account reaches a minimum payout of $20.

Cashcrate provides various and varied means to make money. This includes and not limited to registering for special offers, promos, product testing and participation in surveys of notable companies. They also specify which offers require credit card info. With this, you will be able to avoid those offers if you aren't comfortable disclosing your account info. There is also a two-tiered referral program that allows you to make money by promoting Cashcrate to others. You will make a small percentage from the surveys and promos which the people who have joined under your referral link complete. Basically, you can make 20% from their earnings and 10% from their referrals' earnings. All this can be found in an easy-to-use interface. So I wonder why some people talk about Cashcrate scam!

From the foregoing, it can be said that Cashcrate scam is nothing but mere conjecture from those who have fallen victims of some cyber fraud in the past and as such think this could also be another form of scam. Meanwhile, aside from the fact that it is a simple system to use for making a quick supplemental income online, Cashcrate definitely won't get you rich.

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