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Carboncopypro Scam


These days online marketing is one of the best ways to make extra money to supplement your income.

These who have been successful in this field have actually ditched their ordinary jobs to concentrate in online marketing on a fulltime basis. This has led to the introduction of different some of which have generated controversy with some people claiming they are scams while others say they work.

One such system is the Carboncopypro scam . This system seeks to eliminate all the hurdles involved with ordinary marketing. With traditional marketing, ability to convince customers to buy your product is the key to success. You need to generate the leads, call them and close the sale.

This means that only one out of ten marketers can become successful. With Carboncopypro marketing program you get experts to pursue the leads.

The idea of Carboncopypro scam is generated by the functioning of the system. With the Carboncopypro system the prospect visit your capture page where they are presented with incentives of making money with a home business.

The prospects are only supposed to submit their names to find out what the business is all about. The second step also bears some resemblance of a scam since the prospective client watches videos and reads testimonials but is not provided with full information on what the business is.

The client is also required to pay an application fee of $49 to find out what the business actually is. When the lead joins carbon Carboncopypro a meeting is arranged to meet one of the Millionaire Mastermind Group members.

To a casual observer all these steps can add up to a Carboncopypro scam . However the company holds a clean record with the better business bureau has never faced any sanctions by FTC and it has a permanent base in Texas .

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