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Cancer Fraud


Everybody must know that most of the cancer research is in fact a fraud (cancer fraud) and several famous cancer research institutes are neglecting their duties in addition to deceiving the people who support them, said by a two time Nobel Prize winner- Dr. Linus Pauling (PhD).

Undeniably health fraud is a nasty and immoral type of greediness but cancer fraud is principally callous. According to Mr. Coody, the National Health Fraud Coordinator and a Consumer Safety Officer in the Food and Drug Administration's (FDA) office of Regulatory Affairs, any person who suffers from cancer can actually realize the dread and nervousness of any cancer fraud.

To avoid cancer fraud all medicinal products and medical devices intended to treat cancer should gain FDA approval before they are launched and marketed. Without any qualm FDA's review process ensures that their approved products are secure and useful.

Cancer fraud often comes in many forms for example spurious cancer pills, spurious tonics and ineffective creams. Bogus cancer treatments are also available as natural treatments and food supplements.

Plenty of these deceptive cancer products generally consider harmless but actually they cause severe problems to your stomach and liver.

Nowadays black salves are among major fake cancer remedies that have proven to be dangerous in real and it is quite illegal to market these corrosive salves as a cancer therapy.

These oily black salves are frequently being sold with fake promises that they will treat cancer just by pulling out the cancer from beneath the skin. According to the Director of FDA's Center for Drug Evaluation and Research (CDER) there is no technical and medical proof that these black salves are helpful.

These days another cancer fraud is available in the market by the name of Hoxsey treatment. According to FDA, again there is no medical evidence that Hoxsey treatment has any value to cure cancer rather all claims of Hoxsey treatment are fairly fake and dangerous to human health.

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