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Borat Lawsuit


Borat is a film that takes comedy to dark places. It was a huge success on its release but lawsuits have since been filed against the movie.

The plaintiffs are not releasing their names but say they were interviewed to appear in the movie. They say they were assured the movie would not be shown in the United States .

In the Borat lawsuit, the plaintiffs allege they were taken to a bar and served several alcoholic drinks before being cohersed into signing the contract.

After some heavy drinking, the plaintiffs allege they were taken to another location where they were then filmed.

In the movie there is a scene where Borat gets drunk with some frat boys.

These boys go on to scream some racist insults and make the statement they wish they could have some slaves. They also say that in America the minorities have all of the power.

The Borat lawsuit claims the boys were paid $200 for their comments. The boys now say their lives have been severely affected because of the release of the movie in the United States .

They claim humiliation, physical and emotional distress, mental anguish, and they say the community they live in has lost respect for them.

Some people say that frat boys are accustomed to this type treatment since their initiation often is degrading.

Others see them as the "poor little rich boys" who got caught.

The Borat lawsuit is against 20 th Century Fox and One America Productions. The monetary amount requested has not been released.


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