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Bodybuilderschoice.com Scam


There are a lot of people who are looking on ways to save on steroids. Thus, they go looking for prescription steroids online. Most of the time you are going to come across a lot of companies that claim that they can give you steroids at rock bottom deals.

Some places are telling the truth while others are not. Bodybuilderschoice.com scam happens to be one of the places that is not telling the truth. The Bodybuilderschoice.com scam is something that has been going on for a long time. Today we are going to talk about a few reasons why people mark this site as a scam.

As said before, this is a site that is offering some of the best sales worldwide. However, it's easy to offer something at a low cost when you never actually send it to the customer.

Most people that use the Bodybuilderschoice.com scam note that they paid for their product, but they never got it. Then when they try to contact Bodybuilderschoice.com by email, they never get a response. The Bodybuilderschoice.com scam has already taken tons of money from many people.

After not getting any response from email, most people go back to the sight to look for a phone number to call. Sometimes you can find one, and other times you can not. When you do find one, the phone just rings and rings, and no one ever picks up. This just wastes a lot of peoples' time.

This goes for their address too. A lot of times when you send things into their address, you will find out that it's not even a real place. When you send in mail it comes back to you, saying address not found.

Now, when looking around on the internet, you will come across a few people that say that they did get their packages in the mail. These are people who have been hired by Bodybuilderschoice.com to make them sound good. This is a type of marketing, and it fools a lot of people.

On this one, you have to listen to what most people are telling you, stay away from Bodybuilderschoice.com. If you do not, you are going to end up costing yourself a lot of money, and you are never going to get the product that you asked for.


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