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Blagojevich Scandal


In December 9, 2009, federal Marshals woke up Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich with a predawn phone call. Then unexpectedly they arrived at his doorway and handcuffed him in a moment.

And by the evening, he stood in a Chicago courtroom just like a habitual criminal, his feathered hair out of place, his executive attire replaced with a blue and black Nike track suit.

Nowadays he faces the prospect of 30 years in jail on accuses of planning to commit wire and mail fraud and imploring inducements.

In a Blagojevich scandal his suspected offenses were as offensive as his extravagant sagacity of self, the type of conduct we anticipate for Hollywood villains not for Midwestern governors. He was charged not just with planning to importune bribes but with conspiring to importune bribes from the next President of the United States of America.

On the other hand, he was also blamed not simply with planning extortion but with striving to oblige the Tribune & Co. to fire their editorial writers in substitute for a tax break of around $100 million.

According to officials, he even forced to cancel grant of billions for a children hospital of Chicago if its chief executive did not pay his crusade a $50,000 accolade. The complete pummel of suspected scion was laid out in a 75 page federal objection that depicted the kind of dishonesty superheroes combat in comedian books.

In another spiteful Blagojevich scandal, FBI wiretap caught Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich purportedly trying to sell President Barack Obama's Senate seat for future jobs. Rod Blagojevich was also pleaded guilty in lobbying connections for his own Cabinet position and for his wife.

Undeniably this Blagojevich scandal proved an interruption for President of the US, Obama. The scandalous grievance offered no indication that President Obama or his supporters have done something immoral.

In this Blagojevich scandal, in fact Blagojevich was recorded criticizing that Obama's community was not eager to present me anything but admiration. On the other hand, President Obama himself sustains that he never conversed to Blagojevich about the Senate seat.

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