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Billy Briggs Home Scam Type


Billy Briggs offers a type-at-home program which has turned out to be a strange at best.

Even though there is a 30 day money back guarantee, unsatisfied people are not getting their money back.

The Billy Briggs home scam type at home project has proven to be just another way to get your money.

They do not offer phone numbers where disgruntled clients can call but they do offer an email address. Anybody who has sent an email has had an automated response which gets them nowhere.

The website misleads people into believing they are going to make a lot of money working at home.

The Billy Briggs home scam type at home project offers prospective clients a 30 day free trial with no obligations. At the end of 30 days, if not fully satisfied, you can cancel your account and owe nothing.

You have to provide financial information before the 30 day free trial begins. The problem is, when you send them an email you only get an automated response and your account never gets cancelled.

On the website, the Billy Briggs home scam type at home program leads one to believe they can make $250 to $2250 per day.

Buyer beware, anything that sounds this good can't be true. If this were possible, there would be no more poverty in the world.

You should never have to pay anybody in order for you to make money. Any legitimate job will not require anything from you except a willingness to work.

This scam offers to pay you through your pay pal account but once they get this information they can deduct money from your account.

You would be well advised to not have anything to do with this offer.


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