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Apple Diet Patch Scam


The Apple Diet Patch is as the name suggests. Is there an Apple Diet Patch scam?

This patch is said to be helpful in the loosing of weight.

The explanation given as to how it works is that the ingredients that are inside of the patch slowly and appropriately transfers into the wearer's body to help in the loosing of weight.

The Apple Patch Diet Company sells it. There are 10 patches in a box and this box should be able to last a customer for about one month.

The patch can be placed on any part of the body and it is water-resistant. It is recommended however, that it be placed on parts of the body that has no hair.

The reason for this is that when it is removed there is no skin irritation.

There is also an offer from this company to help others in the making of some money.

•  When you sign up with this company, free of charge, they will set up a web site for you.

•  They will then deposit $25.00 into your account.

•  Whenever an Apple Diet Patch is sold through your web site, you will earn $25.00.

•  The company states that they will do all of the advertising for you. You do not have to do anything, however, they will not stop you from advertising for yourself. The more you advertise the more you will gain.

Many parsons believe that this an Apple Diet Patch scam. One of the main reasons for this is that even though the company states that it is a risk free opportunity, it is not. You have to pay $29.95 to join.

Another reason why others believe that this is an Apple Diet Patch scam is that some persons who have joined the site, claims that they have not made any money from it.

However, there are no definitive evidences to show that this indeed is an Apple Patch Diet scam.

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