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Another ACN Scam


A friend of ours introduced my family to an ACN rep.

The lady told us that we only have to pay $29.99 for any calls we make using ACN phone. We asked this lady how sure she was about this she told us she has been with ACN for 7 years, my wife was not too sure about this.

We told the rep that the only reason why we are getting this phone is to call NIGERIA she assured us that the all we have to pay is $29.99 and we can make any kind of call we want.

So we got the phone with a 2yrs contract. we decided calling everyone we know in Nigeria old friends etc. Because of how good we thought the deal was we introduced a lot of customer to this rep we came to find out at the end of the month that our bill is $2000.00,I almost fainted.

We try to contat this rep but she in not picking up her phone. We tried to contact ACN they are telling are telling us there is nothing they can do that we signed the contrcat.

Basically, ACN have thier sales reps lying to people about ACN and making then sign a 2 yr or yr contact all based on falsehood. I am quite sure we are not the only people been scamed. This is quite ridiculous! Can anyone help us out!

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