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African Business Letter Scam


There is an African Business letter scam out there and it is catching hundreds off guard.

Businesses, and governments have been getting emails from people claiming to be from a West-African government agency. They then proceed to offer to share large sums of money to the recipients.

Please watch out for the African Business letter scam. If you get any email sounding like the below you should disregard the email and contact the authorities.

Canada's Commercial Crime Sections of the RCMP, local Better Business Bureau, or FBI in the U.S. are available for gathering and reporting information on these emails.

Most emails contain the following:

  • An "urgent" business offer "in strictest confidence" from a West-African government employee.
  • The sender obtained your name and profile through their local Chamber of Commerce.
  • The sender recently received or has been named beneficiary of the proceeds from real estate, oil products, over-invoiced contracts, cargo shipments, or other commodities, and needs a foreign partner to assist with laundering the money.
  • Since their government/business position prohibits hem from opening foreign bank accounts, senders ask you to deposit the sum, usually somewhere between $25-50 million, into your personal account.
  • For your assistance, you will receive between 15-30% of the total, which sits in the Central Bank of Nigeria awaiting transfer.
  • To complete the transaction, they ask you to provide your bank name and address, your telephone and fax numbers, the name of your beneficiary, and, of course, your bank account numbers.

The sender promises to forward your share within 10-14 working days!

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