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A.C.N. Telecommunications Scam


Have you ever heard of a pyramid scheme without any hidden strategies? Hard to believe, isn't it? But many are in practice, as all of us know. In this group is included another multilevel marketing company named A.C.N. telecommunications.  

At first sight, you will not find any loopholes in the company's standards, as it is a company dealing with the digital phone services, long distance and local phone calls and Internet facilities. But when you start to think in deeper perspectives, you will notice some dreaded dark side to their marketing plans.  

If you opt to be a representative of the A.C.N. telecommunication company, you will be on your recruiting spree! You want to engage your friends and relatives into this scheme so that you get benefits.

Though this doesn't seem wrong prima facie , some facts will come to your notice only after you become a representative. Nowhere on legal documents, the company has mentioned about the fee structure.

Once you become a representative, you will be aghast to know that you are supposed to remit an annual fee of $149. This is for the renewal of your account. More than $10 needs to be paid monthly as other fees. Obviously you cannot do without a marketing kit once you enroll. For this kit too, your pocket will suffer a dent.  

May be the topmost officials are making money with this well woven web. But the people who are really working hard for the company are more at loss than gain. Even the company is not showing the profit margins publicly. Just lip talk doesn't have any value.  

Moreover, if you don't want to become a victim paying all the pending bills from your customers, it is better to give a second thought before enrolling for the company. It is a "pyramid scheme"! Better to think than repent later!



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