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7KAdvantage Scam ?

Updated July 25, 2010


Is there a 7KAdvantage Scam ? We have looked at a number of sites, forums, and resourcves throughout the internet and cannot confirm or deny this. Jack says there is not company called the 7KAdvantage. Did this company ever exist? We cannot confirm this either.

We have looked at a number of reviews and client complaints and many people mention the 7KAdvantage as a company owned by Jack Weinzierl. Why are all these people confused? We cannot find a clear link to Jack and the 7K advantage. As such we cannot confirm the existence of a 7K advantage scam.

Where did this company's reviews come from? We are not sure. Why do so many online sites review this? Again we have no idea.

What can you do if you suspect another type of scam or if a company may be out to scam you? You should first read through scam sites and reviews of companies and their products. If at all possible you should try to contact people who have firsthand knowledge and dealings with the companies and products you are looking into. It is likely these people will inform you if they have had good or bad experiences in the past and if you should use these products or companies in the future.

For now we are still investigating the allegations which pop up all over the internet regarding a 7Kadvantage scam and the allegations that Jack Weinzierl has been involved. For now we have no conclusive evidence of either.


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