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4X Made Easy Scam


4X Made Easy Scam is a program that teaches people to trade foreign currency, through the Forex market online, to make a lot of money.

It is owned by a Texas-based company claiming that people can make lots of easy money by buying the company's software program, which is sold in seminars around the country, 4-X-Made Easy.

Most people pay between 1 and 3 thousand dollars for the software, and one day of training.

However, most people are claiming that they are not making any money, and when they have complained to the company about this, they are told that they need more training and should pay another $1,000 for another class.

There are also hundreds of dollars in additional hidden fees for services, every month.

The company invites prospective clients to attend a free 2 hour (spot) foreign currency workshop to learn; what the (spot) Forex is, why you haven't heard much about it until now, how much easier the (spot) Forex is to trade then the stock market, how you can get started trading the (spot) Forex with little money, and proper diversification and how the (spot) Forex can help you achieve your financial goals.

Company Executives claim that they have hundreds of successful clients, but when asked by Fox31 News investigators to produce some, they responded by producing 4 customers, and that they did not have the time to find any more.

As Fox31 News put it, "So the question remains if the software works so well-and is so easy-why aren't these guys sitting back making millions instead of selling you the software??"


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