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210 Impact Worldwide


Impact210 was founded and operates as a talent management firm for up and coming actors, and models.

They claim to be able to provide telent referrals, castings, auditions, and all the right talent connections in order to ensure you get your big break.

In reality 210 Impact Worldwide has numerous customer complaints which can be found throughout the internet.

The latest 210 impact scam worldwide to hit was a group of spam emails.

These emails were asking for information from people to try to gain potential telent clients for 210 impact worldwide.

Was 210 impact worldwide aware of this scam? We are unsure of this. It must be noted that whether responsible for the telent email scam ort not the company Impact210 is by no means a talent model or actors dream.

In fact, they are accused of bouncing checks to employees. It seems as if one of the main people behind the Impact210 long list of complaints is Michael Fomkin.

On top of the email scams that have been circulating from Impact210 there have been many other kinds of scams committed.

Impact210 frequently posts on job sites such as Monster.com in the hopes of finding that one unsuspecting person to send in their resume and come in for an telent interview. When you do there are 40-50 other people their as well. You are then given a 2 minute interview and asked to return the next day. Lo and behold all 40-50 people have returned for the second interview.

The funny thing about this is that at no time are you given any real information regarding the company. You are just asked to come back again and to permute Impact210.

Sound strange? It sure does. In fact it seems that with a bit of research you can find all you need to know on the internet about the Impact210 complaints.


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