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12 Daily Pro Scam


12 Daily Pro, owned by Lifeclicks, LLC, is an internet marketing, autosurf business.

They sell a variety of advertising services including banner and web design. They pay out a 12% return on your investment per day, and you get paid every 12 days.

In addition, you can earn a 12% commission on any cash that people that you refer invests. However, because of the fact that it has only been around for the last year, the risk of investing is a little on the high side. THis is a lot of comission.

Most people claim that the people at 12 Daily Pro are very professional and that they do make payments on time, which makes the question of a 12 Daily Pro scam obsolete. As a matter of fact, one alleged investor turned his $702 into $6000 in 2.5 months only using 12 Daily Pro.

Basically, you invest money into this site to advertise your own site. Then you get paid to view other people's web-sites (about 7 minutes worth a day). This is called autosurfing.

12 Daily Pro are basically paying you to watch “commercials”.

Nearly all of the forums that I viewed about 12 Daily Pro are filled with satisfied investors who have been paid numerous times, so apparently the company pays out what it says. The bottom line is you to be on the safe side, you should never invest more money than you can afford to lose.

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